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Job search guide for students

Is graduation fast approaching? Be prepared to enter the job market in 10 steps:

STEP 1 – Resume Consider yourself a brand and your resume a sales letter that outlines your knowledge, skills, abilities and experience! Review and revise your resume, make sure you have an eye-catching resume that grabs the attention of employers by following Resume Tips.

STEP 2 – Cover Letter Do not use the same cover letter for all job applications. It is important to Tailor Your Cover Letter. Create 2-3 cover letters for different job types with these Cover Letter Tips, these can easily be tailored to specific job openings and sent to employers at a moment’s notice!

STEP 3 – References References play a large role in the job application process, and may be the deciding factor for an employer to either select you for the job opening, or not. It is important to spend some time and Select the Best References for you!

STEP 4 – Communication Skills Communication is more than simply providing information to another person. Verbal communication involves the performance of several skills such as listening, interpreting, reasoning and articulating, often at the same time. Develop the Communication Skills you need for your next Job Interview!

STEP 5 – Elevator Pitch An Elevator Pitch is the perfect tool to have in your arsenal during your job search! Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch that you can use whenever the opportunity arises, e.g.-networking, interviews, etc.

STEP 6 – Network Develop Your Professional Network Today! Employers have more confidence in job applicants who are referred to them by a common friend/employee/acquaintance. Grow Your Professional Network of contacts, inform them of your job hunt, and access this hidden job market!

STEP 7 – Pre-Interview Preparation Prepare for your job interview, research the business and the details of the job advertisement. Practice your interview skills, and prepare for potential questions and answers.

STEP 8 – Workplace Etiquette and Attire Do your research! Learn Office Etiquette Rules that apply to your future workplace, and be prepared to reflect those desired qualities at your job interview. This includes understanding and following the Dress Codes in the Workplace.

STEP 9 – Post-Interview Follow-Up Interview Follow-Up is an important but frequently forgotten step in the job search process. This is an opportunity to re-state your interest, highlight why you are the perfect candidate for the job opening, thank them for their time also enquire when a decision will be made.

STEP 10 – Follow Metro College Career Tips! Stay tuned for more tips for students and graduates, including: