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To help more graduates to obtain employment faster, Metro College of Technology has developed and implemented a job search assistance system. Each graduate is eligible for the job search assistance service. A graduate must be able to obtain enough job interview invitations from employers and employment agents and must be able to pass these interviews with confidence. This system consists of the following components:

A. Master resume development and resume customization

It is the first step in the job search assistance. The career service coordinator and the lead instructor of the program will work with each graduate who engages in job search actively to develop a master resume and help customize a resume for each job posting that the graduate fits well. Through coaching the graduate will learn how integrate the professional keywords effectively and well organize his/her knowledge, skills and experience in the resume. The objective is to develop a resume that attracts employer’s attention. The master resume will also serve to build a robust LinkedIn profile so that a potential employer or job agent is able to find our graduates through LinkedIn!

B. Interview Skill Practice

All almost all people have certain level of fear in a job interview. So do our graduates! They are nervous and even panic before and during an job interview. This is why our interview skills rehearsal sets in. Graduates who have fear in a job interview and are not good at delivering correct answers to interview questions with confidence will be required to go through an interview skills rehearsal process. They will be given more opportunities to speak in a group, in a simulated interview setting and with peers. Feedbacks for improvement will come from the partners involved in this process. Mock interview simulation software will be used for personal practice as well.

C. Guest Speakers and Alumni Experience Sharing

Job search is a challenging process because it is more than a full-time job and a job seeker has to handle endless uncertainty. The entire job search process is full of stress! Only when the job seeker has obtained a job offer, will the hanging anxiety go away to a great extent. To mitigate the job search anxiety and keep our graduates encouraged, the college invites guest speakers from the industries to share the best job search practices. The college also invites the alumni of the college to share their successful job search experience and the experience in the begging of a new position.

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Our instructors are not only qualified professionals but also industry-specific experts. Every one of our programs is designed with input from industry leaders to prepare you with the industry know-how and how to do it.