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The reality is that employers always want a job applicant to have longer work experience and be able to perform more tasks using a series of tools skillfully.

These can be seen in the medium/senior job postings. In order to further develop graduate’s ability to get into higher level positions, longer experience and diversified skills are needed. Therefore Metro College of Technology now provides a new opportunity for our graduates to obtain longer work experience and more skills through research projects.

The key objectives to offer research projects to graduates is to 1) extend their work experience that is much longer than the regular three months from the Work Experience Program or co-op placement; 2) give them wider exposure to develop more technical skills that the work experience program and co-op placement does not cover, 3) develop fluency in English speaking through frequent project discussion and presentations, and 4) cultivate good team work habit through team work tasks.

The following is a list of key features of a research project:

  • It lasts from 6 months to one year, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Participants of the project will perform project tasks under the leadership of a team head.
  • Graduates will apply many of the knowledge and skills learned from the program they took.
  • Each of the team members is required to deliver research reports and presentations regularly.
  • They will meet challenges that they will face in a work setting and this will give them opportunity to figure out solutions to them.
  • They will be required to learn new knowledge and skills that the research project requires.

In summary, this research project will provide the graduates with enough experience and strong ability to perform duties that an employer wants a medium or senor position to perform.

Most of the programs at the college accept graduates who meet certain requirements to join such a research project. The research project will be delivered to graduates through a consulting company that Metro College of Technology has affiliation with. After a graduate completes a research project, he/she will be competitive in the job market.

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