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Bursary and Subsidy

A. Tuition Bursary

Metro College of Technology provides tuition bursary to those students who do not have enough fund for them to take a diploma program at the college. This tuition bursary provision will alleviate students’ financial burden. The bursary amount is between $100 and $2000.00 for a student who registers a full-time diploma program. The actual amount of tuition bursary for a particular student depends on the tuition of the program he/she registers and the financial difficulty he/she is experiencing. Any student can apply for the bursary at the time when he/she registers a diploma program. A bursary application will not be accepted after the student registers a diploma program. Not each applicant will be eligible for the bursary. To be assessed for the bursary, a student is required to submit a bursary application. The college financial aid officer will review the application and decide the amount of the bursary and if he/she is eligible for the tuition bursary. The following are the procedures:

  1. When registering a diploma program, the student submits a bursary application if he/she needs the bursary.
  2. On the same day, the financial aid officer at the college will review the application.
  3. The financial aid officer will review the application. The student may be asked for supporting documents for the application before the financial aid officer review the application.
  4. The financial aid officer will determine the bursary amount if the application is accepted and inform the admission adviser of the decision.
  5. The admission adviser will notify the student of the decision on the bursary application.
  6. The awarded bursary will apply in the student enrolment contract.

Please note 1. the awarded bursary will be revoked if the student withdraws from the program he/she has registered; 2. This bursary policy does not apply to non-diploma students.

B. Book Fee Subsidy

Metro College of Technology encourages students to read the books intensively for their courses and therefore they are strongly recommended to buy the textbooks. Some students may lack financial resources to buy the textbooks. To relieve their financial pressure, the college provides all diploma students with 25% of the total book fee as a subsidy. For example, if the total textbook fee of a diploma program is $800, the textbook bursary will be $200. Therefore, a student will pay only $600 for all the textbooks of the program.

There is no need to apply for this subsidy. It will apply automatically when a student registers a diploma program and decides and signs the enrolment contract to buy the textbooks through the college.

Please note that the book subsidy will be revoked and original book fee applies for refund calculation if the student withdraws from the program.

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