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AutoCAD Course

In this AutoCAD course students will learn how to create and edit professional looking 2D drawings, fundamental concepts and workflow for creating 3D models, presenting design using visualization tools.

Credential College certificate

Duration 60 Hours

Location Toronto, Ontario

AutoCAD Course

Students will apply what they have learned from the theory presentations in their hands-on exercises using supplied drawing files. These exercises include step-by-step instructions along with clearly illustrated screen captures. The drawing project in this course will provide students an excellent opportunity to utilize the learnt knowledge and skills in completing a comprehensive and challenging mini project.

Upon completion of this AutoCAD course, students will be able to create a basic and advanced 2D drawings using drawing and editing tools, design, edit and present 3D models, organize drawing objects on layers, add text and basic dimensions, and prepare drawings to plot.

Topics of this AutoCAD course:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD Interface
  • Setting up a Drawing
  • Coordinates and Basic Drafting Tools
  • Creating 2D Geometry and Viewing the Objects
  • Organizing Drawings with Layers
  • Editing Drawings
  • Creating and Editing Polylines
  • Blocks and Wblocks
  • Block Attribute Definitions
  • Getting Started with the Project Part-A
  • Text and Text Styles
  • Creating Hatches
  • Dimensioning with AutoCAD
  • Getting Started with the Project Part-B
  • External References
  • Multilines
  • Introduction to Plotting
  • Viewing 3D Models
  • Solid Modeling
  • Modifying 3D Models
  • Surface Modeling
  • Project Presentation

Who should take this course?

Mechanical engineer, CNC programmer, machinist, mechanical designer, product developer, civil engineer, civil engineering technician/technologist, road and highway design engineer, geotechnical engineer, land development design engineer, transportation engineer, land surveyor, municipal engineer, railway design engineer, pipe design engineer, civil estimator, water resource engineer, interior designer, …

Please call 416 585 9880 for schedule and tuition information.

If you have interest in a career in mechanical engineering or intend to update/upgrade your knowledge and software skills in the mechanical engineering, please visit our Mechanical Engineering Design and Technology program.

If you have interest in getting certified as AutoCAD technician, please visit the AUTODESK CERTIFICATION website.

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