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Graduates of Metro College of Technology are encouraged to look for a position on their own because job search skills are important in their career life.

However for certain reasons, some of the graduates could not interact with the job market productively and could not find a job in their field of study within a 6-month period after they graduate.

Therefore Metro College extends its post-graduate service to these graduates, known as employment service. The college will refer our graduates to employment agencies in Canada, mainly in GTA, and connect our graduates to the employers that have hired our previous graduates for employment opportunities. This effort will make our graduates exposed to the more potential employers.

To obtain employment service from the college, a graduate must submit an application and pay a small amount of deposit to the college before the referral service starts. This fee will be refunded back to the graduate if he/she follows all the employment service protocols.

A graduate is eligible for the employment services as long as he/she meets the following requirements:

  • Resume is attractive to employers
  • Has a well-developed LinkedIn profile
  • Able to answer interview questions correctly and confidently
  • Has developed a pleasant and respectful relationship with his/her instructors, the career service coordinator of the college and other related staff members

After these qualities have been verified as true, the employment service application will be approved. Then the employment service starts.

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