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SAS Programming

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Fundamentals and Advanced SAS Programming course

Fundamentals will introduce the basic concepts and skills about SAS programs from very beginning. This Advanced SAS Programming course introduces advanced skills in SAS programming for students who have already had basic SAS concepts and experience.

Credential College certificate

Duration 30 + 30 Hours

Location Toronto, Ontario

SAS Course I: Fundamentals Of SAS Programming

The major topics include how to use SAS, SAS steps, SAS datasets, SAS statements, SAS functions and how to combine datasets. The objective of this course is to train students to develop basic SAS programs independently.

Topics of the Fundamentals of Programming course:

  • Introduction to SAS
  • SAS Steps and SAS Dataset
  • SAS Procedures
  • SAS Operators and Functions
  • SAS Statements
  • Combine Datasets

SAS Course II: Advanced SAS Programming

This Advanced SAS Programming course introduces advanced skills in SAS programming for students who have already had basic SAS concepts and experience. Major topics include SQL processing with SAS, the SAS macro language and statistics procedures. Upon completion of this course, students will able to write advanced SAS codes for data analytics independently.

Topics of the Advanced SAS Programming course:

  • Input and Output
  • SAS Data Techniques
  • SAS SQL procedures
  • SAS Macro Language
  • SAS Statistics Procedures

Who should take SAS programming course?

Data analysts, financial analyst, marketing analyst, reporting analysts, data scientists, statisticians, computer programmers, students of data analytics, …

Who Is The Lead Instructor Of This Course?

Mr. Ar Kar Min is the lead instructor of this Python programming course. He is a Certified Advanced SAS programmer and holds a Master in Public Health and a Master of Management Analytics from Queen’s University. He has over 10+ years of work experience in the health care and telecom industry with wide range of knowledge and skills, including reporting, and high level data analysis. His knowledge of end-to-end data base marketing process and procedures enables him to identify data issues, discrepancies and improve accuracy. He is proficient in using statistical software packages to prepare analytical reports. He worked as a senior data consultant and database marketing campaign manager for a Toronto-based telecommunication company for 8 years. He received a 2014 Rogers CEO Team Award of the year. Now Mr. Ar Kar Min works for an insurance company as a senior manager in data analytics using Python. On part-time basis, he is a data science instructor at Metro College of Technology.

Please call 416 585 9880 for schedule and tuition information.

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What graduates are saying about Metro College of Technology?

Our instructors are not only qualified professionals but also industry-specific experts. Every one of our programs is designed with input from industry leaders to prepare you with the industry know-how and how to do it.