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International Student Services

Starting new life in a foreign country can be exciting and challenging. To assist international students to settle down quickly and smoothly when they arrive in Canada, Metro College provides them with following services.

A. Airport pick-up

At the student’s request, the college will pick up the student at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto. This request must be submitted to the college at least three days before arrival in Canada. The request should include the name of the student, the flight number, the arrival time and terminal number, and the accurate address of the student’s residence. The student will be sent to the residence indicated in the email. No additional fee will be charged for this service.

B. Housing service

International students at Metro College will live off campus.

At the student’s request, the college will help student find a place to live before coming to Toronto. The college will look for a house/apartment/condo residence which is closer to the college.

There are mainly three different types of housing accommodation:

  1. Homestay
  2. Condo student residence
  3. Private housing

Each of these housing accommodations has its own benefits. Depending on your personal situation and flavor, you need to decide which type of housing accommodations you want. Then the college will search it for you. You may be given a few options and you will decide which option you will take.

C. Medical insurance

Medical insurance is critical for an international student. The college will provide a list of insurance companies that provide international students with insurance plans. You are required to buy your medical insurance before leaving for Canada.

D. Career Counseling and co-op service.

Metro College prepares students for a bright career future. Our career counseling service will help them navigate their career direction. Our coo-op service will provide students with internship opportunity to build their Canadian work experience so that they can find employment in their field of study.

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