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Career tip: boost your opportunity for promotion

Being promoted within a company is a big nod of confidence in your work ethic, skills, abilities and professionalism!

Top 5 Tips to Help Get a Promotion:

  • Be Proactive – Take initiative when faced with a new project, problem or task. Don’t wait for a superior or co-workers to guide your through a task, take the initiative yourself to learn what you need to do to tackle the task, and ask for guidance only when needed.
  • Be Confident – Confidence in your work will shine through everything that you do, and everyone you work with. Stay up to date with developments in your field, and learn how to develop confidence in your work!
  • Be Professional – At all times, it is important to remain professional in your career. Your reputation depends on your actions and behavior, do not tarnish your own reputation by being disruptive, impolite, or otherwise unprofessional.
  • Take Responsibility – Along with being proactive, it is important to take responsibility for your work, especially for failures. Everyone fails at some point, taking responsibility for failures and being proactive in resolving the issue shows professionalism and integrity, two qualities prized by employers.
  • Seek Feedback – Be open to feedback on your work and performance, and learn from it. Superiors have a lot more knowledge of industry practices, and it is up to you to learn from them!

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