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Career tip: develop confidence in your work!

Confidence is a common thread amongst those who are successful in their professional careers. It is sometimes hard to define, but it is easily recognizable!

Confidence has many behavioral and physical manifestations such as maintaining eye contact, having an open and receptive posture, clearly articulating thoughts and expectations, and having strong voice.

 5 Steps to Develop Confidence in Your Work:

  • Identify Important Qualities – Write a list of professional qualities that you aspire to embody, and memorize them. Having these qualities ingrained will help you develop a sense of ownership over them. Many individuals recite a mantra to themselves every day for this exact reason!
  • Friends and Family – A great resource for support and encouragement are your friends and family. Ask them to tell you about their perceptions of you, and get a true understanding of how others see you. Focus on areas where you feel insecure, such as public speaking, and ask your friends and family to provide honest, constructive advice.
  • Find a Mentor – Mentors are as valuable as family, and have a lifetime of career experience to share. Be on the lookout for someone in your field of study/interest who could potentially be a mentor, and start developing a professional connection today!
  • Make a To Do List – Focus your efforts on completing items on your to-do-list (these can range from travel, projects, volunteering, etc.). Completing items on your list will help you develop a sense of accomplishment and boost your self-confidence
  • Network – Networking with other professionals is not only beneficial for developing contacts, but also for boosting self-confidence. Develop an elevator pitch and test it out by counting the number of new contacts you make!

Do you need help with your interview communication skills and confidence? The Metro College Job Search Support Service are a great resource for students!