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Career tip: networking like a professional!

Networking is an important part of professional life – everybody is talking about it, looking for opportunities through it, and reaping the benefits!

Getting a job can be a challenge, but in today’s competitive job market your professional (and personal) network might know of job openings that are not yet posted on traditional job boards, or employment websites. It is never too early to start to grow your network; you never know who might recommend you for a job of a lifetime! Learn more about the benefits of networking, and start today.

 Network like a Professional in 5 Steps: 

  1. Dress to Impress – If questioning your attire for a networking event, remember office dress code, and dress to impress! This is an opportunity to make an excellent first impression on the professionals you meet. Start off on a good foot, and dress to impress!
  2. Have a Purpose – Know your intentions before each event, and set a personal goal! Plan to reconnect with 5 past contacts and deepen those professional connections; and make 5 new (valuable) connections that you would like to develop in the future.
  3. Have an Elevator Pitch – Take the time to develop, practice and reherse your elevator pitch so that you can deliver it naturally, without sounding rehearsed. Don’t forget to add personalized variations to your pitch based on your audience!
  4. Meet New Professionals – After a few networking events, you’ll recognize familiar faces and be tempted to spend the night socializing, instead of networking. Enjoy your time with friends, but make the effort to meet and new professionals at each and every event.
  5. Be Available – Give your new connections a way to connect with you! Print business cards, and develop your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for professionals, job seekers and recruiters! Take the time to complete your online profile with your job skills and employment history. Add your new connections to your LinkedIn profile as soon as you can, while they still remember meeting you!

 Where to Network?

Toronto is a city booming in entrepreneurship and business opportunities. Every community, business sector and industry has opportunities for formal and informal networking. In addition to joining professional networking events, attending a trade show, professional development training or becoming a member of a professional association also provide the opportunity to network with professionals in your area of business.

 Need Help With your Job Search?

Metro College has Job Search Support Services available to all students, providing job search workshops, resume and cover letter assistance and practice mock-interviews!