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Communication skills for your job interviews

Proper communication is one of the keys to success during a job interview.

Communication is more than simply providing information to another person. Verbal communication involves the performance of several skills such as listening, interpreting, reasoning, and articulating, often at the same time.

In addition to verbal communication there are also non-verbal components such as body language, gestures, eye contact, posture, facial expressions, and voice tone that provide additional communication cues.

To be an effective communicator it is important to pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal information, as well as be conscious of your own verbal and non-verbal behavior.

Top 3 Job Interview Skills:

1. Be Professional

Arrive to the interview early, and dress accordingly. The interviewer may be very friendly but it is important to remain professional at all times, avoid the use of slang, use full sentences, keep a straight posture, be respectful towards the interviewer and the interview process. 

2. Start with a Strong Introduction and Some Small Talk

Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake, smile and introduce yourself. Thank them for arranging the interview and make small talk (comment on the weather, compliment office décor, ask a simple question, etc.). Small talk allows you to show a bit of your personality, your confidence and communication skills.

Bonus Tip – do not mention negative or controversial news or issues, keep the mood positive and start the interview off on the right foot!

3. Stay on Topic

Demonstrate proper communication skills and specifically answer every question asked. Many job seekers make the mistake of trying to dodge interview questions they cannot answer, and go off-topic. Interviewers could mistake this as poor communication skills. Instead, address the question, provide a thorough answer and only relevant examples.

Bonus Tip – if you have a skill, qualification or experience that was not mentioned. Do not interrupt the Interviewer, ask for a moment at the end of the interview to provide any additional information.

Metro College Job Search Support Service include resume and cover letter workshops, job search workshops, and interview workshops to help students develop the confidence to shine during job interviews!