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Career tip: Be a team player

The ability to work collaboratively in a team environment is a skill highly praised by employers, and positively contributes to personal career success!

 Collaborative teamwork can take many forms. The ultimate goal is to collectively tackle a task, with the expertise of each team member, and complete deliverables within a specific timeframe.

 5 Principles to Collaborative Teamwork: 

  • Be Reliable – All team members need to trust and count on each other’s commitment to the team. Demonstrate reliability and be on time to work, special meetings, and consistently meet all deadlines. This consistency will be recognized and respected by co-workers.
  • Be Flexible – Go the extra mile to meet the team before work or stay late in order to complete goals and collectively succeed. Learn how to manage a flexible schedule, and demonstrate an honest commitment to the team’s goals by making them a priority.
  • Be Constructive – Offer constructive suggestions to coworkers and share relevant knowledge without criticism, judgement, or superiority. Become valuable resource for others and create an environment where coworkers feel comfortable to openly share and discuss ideas.
  • Be Active – Make the effort to attend all team meetings, speak up and actively participate in discussions and the decision-making process, and become an asset to the team. Do not do the bare minimum expected, instead be pro-active and help co-workers when possible.
  • Be Respectful – Courtesy and respect are the cornerstones of any productive work environment, especially during teamwork. Avoid workplace gossip and negative talk, and be known as the employee who is trusted, reliable and professional!

 Do you need help with your communication skills? The Job Search Support Service is a great resource for students!