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Do a follow-up after your job interview!

Following-up with an organization after a job interview is an important but frequently forgotten step in the job search process.

Why Follow-Up?

It is proper etiquette to contact the Interviewer following a job interview briefly re-state your interest and thank them for their time. This is also an opportunity to highlight why you are the perfect candidate for the job opening, and enquire when a decision will be made.

Professionalism should be maintained during all contact with the business or interviewer. Some employers use the follow-up process to help decide on a candidate, and others may still be undecided on a candidate. Don’t miss out on these opportunities, and follow-up!

How to Follow-Up?

Following a job interview, ask the Interviewer for their contact information (if not already known) and contact them via email the day after the interview. Thank them for the opportunity to discuss the job opening and your suitability, re-state your excitement and interest in the position, and finally ask when a decision will be made.

The Decision!

If a negative decision is received it is important to ask for feedback, this is usually easiest done via email. The interviewer might have advice or tips that will help in the future! Don’t be let down, learn from each interview, and improve.

If called for a 2nd interview – Congratulations! Respond promptly, show enthusiasm, and make yourself available for the date and time proposed.

If no response is received, follow-up with a phone call. Understand that although most businesses do follow-up with interviewees and inform them of their final decision, some do not. Do not be discouraged if no response is received.

What Not To Do?

  • Do not harass the company or interviewer, if no response is received, move on with your job search.
  • Do not go to the office in person to enquire about the decision.
  • Do not behave unprofessionally at any time during follow-up contact.

The Metro College Job Search Support Service is available to assist you in your job search, perfect your resume, and help you develop interview skills!