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Career tip: develop leadership skills

Leadership skills are key to career development and success!

It is never too early to start learning and developing skills essential to the workplace and career success. Leadership skills are required by anyone who manages staff, or work in a team environment.

Top 5 Leadership Skills:

  • Communication: The ability to communicate accurately and effectively (in writing and verbally) expectations, plans, progress, and results, as well as listen, provide constructive criticism and be assertive, when necessary.
  • Strategic Planning: Planning, organizing, and setting goals is part of the process of managing any project or task. Strategic planning considers the available resources in the team to establish the best strategy to successfully meet goals.
  • Management: Taking ownership and responsibility for successes, and more importantly – failures is an important aspect of leadership. With tact and diplomatically, leaders protect their team, and take responsibility for mistakes and poor decisions.
  • Positive Attitude: Not a skill, but a mindset. A positive attitude is necessary to motivate and encourage others to persevere in the face of obstacles, maintain a positive work environment, and continue to collaborate towards collective goals.
  • Initiative: Leaders take initiative, especially in the face of challenging situations, and provide innovative ideas. Persevering in the face of failures and learning from mistakes become second nature to leaders. The goal is to manage, encourage and motive others to succeed.

BONUS TIP – Give Credit: Promote success and give credit to individuals who have contributed. Giving others ownership of the task or project at hand and increase overall dedication!

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