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How to prepare for your next job interview

Metro College provides extensive Job Search Support Service including Resume and Cover Letter Workshops, Job Search Workshops and Interview Workshops with mock job interviews to ensure students are well prepared to enter the job market.

Once graduates land a job interview it is still important to follow-through and properly prepare for this step in the job application process. More work needs to be done!

Prepare for Your Job Interview in 5 Steps:

1. Research the Business
Gather background information about the employer, products/services, target audience/clients, business history and future plans.

Sample Interview Questions – Why do you want to work in this industry? What interests you about this position? What do you know about the organization’s main products/services?

2. Research the Job
Examine the job description (request clarification from the employer if necessary), focusing on the skills, abilities and work experience required for the position, as well as job duties, responsibilities, reporting requirements and salary range.

Sample Interview Questions – How do you feel you qualify for this position? What are your top three strengths? What skills will you bring to this position?

3. Know Yourself
Describe personal skills, abilities, accomplishments and work experience in a positive light with a focus on strengths that will benefit the employer. Create a short (60 second) sales pitch demonstrating how personal skills, qualities and abilities are a perfect fit for the position.

Sample Interview Questions – Tell me about yourself? What makes you a good fit for our organization? What are your weaknesses?

4. Practice Makes Perfect
Memorize skills, job duties and work experience talking points and examples, as well as how they relate to the job and business. Practice with sample interview questions!

Sample Interview Questions – Do you work better independently, or as part of a team? Describe a difficult work experience, and how you overcame it? Is there anything you would like to ask about the job or business?

5. Plan for the Interview
Know the location of the interview, dress appropriately, arrive early and bring an extra copy of cover letter, resume and contact information of references!

Best of luck to Metro graduates!

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