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Are your ready to join/return to the workforce?

A major milestone in anyone’s life is graduation, a pivotal moment when students complete their formal learning and are ready to work. The next defining moment comes when graduates land their first (serious) job and enter the workforce.

Metro College of Technology understands student needs throughout your education, and also provides the support services necessary to help students develop workplace skills, office communication best practices, and more.

 Top 5 Workplace Skills for Students: 

  1. Develop Leadership Skills – take the time during your studies to volunteer at a business or organization that interests you, and develop your business communication and leadership skills. Learn more about the Top Skills to Develop While in College.
  2. Learn About Company Culture – every work environment has its own culture, with expectations regarding behavior, communication, attire, etc. Learn About Office Etiquette Rules.
  3. Learn Something New Every Day – in today’s competitive job market it is vital to stay up to date on developments in your field, and develop a goal of lifelong learning. Ongoing Professional Development is the Key to Career Success!
  4. Identify Your Weaknesses – understand areas where you can improve, identify your weaknesses and know your strengths. Explore Careers Based on Your Skills.
  5. Be Accountable – hold yourself accountable to supervisors, be responsible for your job duties and develop trust amongst your co-workers. Learn How to Land a Job After Your Co-op.

Learn about the Metro College Student Services including job preparation, resume and cover letter workshops, mock interview practice sessions, and job search support.