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Top 5 habits of successful students

Get the most out of your education with these 5 tips: 

  1. Focus on learning, not memorizing. It might be more simple to memorize new information in order to recite it at a later date, this may be effective in class, but will fail in the real-world. Focus on learning, truly understanding new concepts, theories and terms, so that you can properly apply them in a real world situation. 
  2. Create solid study habits. Understanding your optimal learning method will make it easier for you to study! Do you retain information better in the morning or evening? Does it help you write your own summaries of new concepts? Do cue cards help you retain new information? Learn more about the Top Skills to Develop While in College
  3. Do the work, don’t coast! Homework, readings and assignments might seem mundane, or optional, but they are provided as an added education tool to help students understand new theories and concepts, and apply them to a variety of real-world scenarios. Learn more about Completing Homework: The Key to Success
  4. Don’t cram. Cramming, trying to memorize weeks of work within a day, is never a good idea and rarely leads to actual learning. Take the opportunity to review notes and assignments on a regular basis, and give yourself the time to absorb new information, ask questions to your peers and/or instructor, and be prepared to be tested on your knowledge at any time. Learn more about Test Taking Tips for College Students
  5. Use college resources. Metro College has several Student Services available to help you with your educational journey and future career. Check out the Department of Co-Operative Education, Job Preparation Services, and Financial Aid Office. 

Are you struggling with your education? Talk to your instructor or student manager about your concerns. Together we will find a solution that will help you optimize your learning experience at Metro College!