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Time management – an indispensable workplace skill

All students master the skill of time management when they juggle various aspects of life such as class, homework, family obligations, and a job.

When it comes to the workplace, time management is a prized skill. Time management skills developed throughout life are transferable to the workplace, and can be applied to the micro-level required.

Every job can be broken down into job duties, and further broken down to specific job tasks. Workplace time management is the management of multiple job tasks with varying priorities and due dates.

Workplace Time Management Skills:

  • Have a day/week planner – electronic or hand-written, be sure it is a method that works best for you!
  • Plan your day – take a half hour at the start of your day to schedule your time, including travel time for commutes, lunch, meetings, etc.
  • Set deadlines and prioritize – divide job tasks into their component parts, and assign due dates to keep you on track.
  • Distraction-free work – set times of day to respond to emails and/or make business related phone calls, and designate specific time for distraction-free work (to focus and tackle longer, more difficult tasks).

The best way to develop an understanding about the various job duties and tasks you will face when entering the work force it is important to gain exposure to specific jobs.

The Co-operative education component of Metro College Programs provides students with exposure to their future career and the multiple job duties assigned to a job title. Students should take the opportunity to develop time management skills and better prepare themselves for entry into the job market. 

Learn more about the Metro College Co-operative Education Service.