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Test taking tips for college students!

Students are under a lot of pressure juggling full-time or part-time jobs, personal obligations, and course work. Learning effective test taking skills and studying techniques can help students make efficient use of time, and lead to academic success!

Metro College instructors have the experience and skills to help students manage course work, tests and exams, as well as help students develop time-management and organizational skills.

Top 5 Test Taking Tips for College Success:

  1. Manage nervousness by eating something before the test (bananas are a great source of nutrients, and they will help calm anxiety).
  2. Read test directions carefully, taking note of the time limit, the number of questions, types of questions and how the test is scored.
  3. Skim read through the test and answer easy questions first, then tackle the more difficult questions.
  4. Multiple choice questions, cross out answers known to be wrong, form an answer and reword it to match the terminology and style of the answer choices provided (when in doubt selected the answer that most closely matches).
  5. Essay questions, determine the questions or issues to be addressed, the number of points allocated to the question, and map out the essay using subheadings and notes before beginning to write.

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