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Completing homework: the key to success

 It can be very tiring completing your homework, let alone even find the time to complete it. 

Many students have duties to attend to whether it is a job, catering to their family, chores or volunteering.

Although it can be hard and sometimes frustrating to complete assigned homework, it really is the key to success! 

  • Class time is very limited – although the instructor will teach the majority of what needs to be learned, there is not enough time to go over everything. This is where homework becomes important – it is a complement to the information learned in class.
  • Apply new information – new information is taught in class daily, by physically completing your daily assigned homework you are applying that new knowledge, reinforcing the learning process, and gaining further insight on the topic.
  • Practice makes perfect – homework is like practice. Trial and error is a great way to learn new information. Homework is not only an opportunity to test yourself and what you have learned, but also get productive feedback on your performance!
  • Get help – if you are really struggling with your homework, or have a learning barrier, do not hesitate to speak with your instructor for some extra help.

Learning is a multi-facetted process and homework is a major part of it!