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Interview etiquette

As you might already know, it is very important to make good first impression to your interviewer and potential boss. It is a one-time opportunity to get the job or lose it. At Metro College of Technology we support our students throughout the studying and job search process. Here are some recommendations to job seekers: 

  • Dress for success – Dress professionally to your interview. Know the standards in the industry and, if possible, for the particular company. Dress more conservatively than you might dress for work in that organization. You may even need to purchase an appropriate interview outfit when your job search heats up. Note: no jeans, t-shirts or mini-skirts. Say yes to a suit, jacket, dress pants or mid-length skirt and a dress shirt. Anticipate the need to put some money aside for purchasing a professional attire or visit Dress for Success Toronto – charity organization:
  • Create a career portfolio – Be in constant readiness for interviews by creating a career portfolio that includes:
    – Extra copies of resume and references
    – Copies of degrees/diplomas/certificates
    – Transcripts and relevant course information
    – Samples of past work, copies of awards and other forms of recognition
    – Copies of recommendation letters and notes of appreciation
    – Copy of job description 
  • Make it on time – Allow extra travel time beyond what the interviewer estimates! Even when you arrive at the location, sometimes it is difficult to find the right floor and office. You can waste time wandering in the wrong direction. Some people make a practice run before the interview or simply use Google map to estimate approximate travel time. If you drive, check the parking available in the area. Ask human resources manager for parking spot on premises. Don’t leave this questions unsolved;

Interview etiquette and other tips how to find a job.

As it might take you extra time finding parking, especially in busy areas of GTA. Remember: arriving early allows you time to compose yourself!

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