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Telephone interview tips

Many people are afraid of telephone interviews. They may feel nervous because they do not physically see the person they are speaking with. To overcome this barrier and get your dream job, you need to take some time and practice to be fully prepared before the interview. Here are some tips and suggestions you should keep in mind prior to your interview. 

Telephone Interview Tips:

  • Silence is key. Turn off the radio, TV, and cell phone. Ensure you are in a quiet room away from family, friends, roommates and/or any sort of interruptions and distractions. 
  • Be prepared. Gather your tools: resume, pen and paper, company information highlighted with important facts. Have your job description with you. 
  • Ask questions. Have questions prepared about the company and position. Also ask if there are any “further” responsibilities and qualifications that are not mentioned. 
  • Show interest. Similar to point 3, have written notes of points you want to make. 
  • Do not get side-tracked. Turn off the call-waiting feature. 
  • Dress to impress. Experts say if you are dressed professionally you’ll come off that way. First impressions count! 
  • Positive Interaction. Since you lack the verbal cues of body language to assess whether you’ve said enough, mark the end of your response with a question such as “Would you like further details about my experience as an intern with ABC Company?” 
  • Be considerate. Let the employer end the interview. Then, as always, thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in this position. 
  • Smile. Smile when you are on the phone interview. Your enthusiasm will be conveyed in your voice.

Metro College of Technology supports all students with their job search process. We offer a Professional Development course where students learn all the techniques required to know for any job hunter.

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