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Job search tips for new graduates – selecting your references!

Many employers will request 2-3 references from job applicants (either before or after a job interview). A reference is someone who can comment on a job applicant’s character, work experience, education, skills and work ethic.

 There are 2 Types of References:

  • Character Reference – is someone who can comment on your personal character such as a teacher, co-worker, coach, etc. (not a friend or family member).
  • Professional Reference – is someone who knows you in a professional context and can comment on your work history as well as your professionalism, work ethic and skills, abilities, etc.

References play a large role in the job application process, and may be the deciding factor for an employer to either select you for the job opening, or not. It is therefore important to spend some time and think about who would be the best Reference for you!

Selecting Your References:

  1. Pick someone who knows you well and talk to them about your job search and being your character or professional reference.
  2. Get permission from your reference, as well as the e-mail address and phone number where they prefer to be contacted.
  3. Inform each reference about the job(s) you have applied for and give them the opportunity to prepare for the call (or e-mail) from the employer.
  4. Thank each reference for helping you in your job search!

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