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Take control of your career!

Do you feel ‘stuck’ in your career? Are you getting the promotions you feel you deserve? Don’t accept the status quo, take charge of your career path and start being proactive!

3 Tips for Career Success:

  • Ask for Feedback – If you are not getting the raise or promotion you want, learn why! Ask your supervisor or the company Human Resources Department for feedback on your performance. Become aware of your work performance and understand the skills needed to get that promotion.
  • Network – It is easy to fall into a routine of going work and only networking with professionals within your company. Although it is important to develop relationships in the workplace, professionals with a career drive do not stop there. There are hundreds of networking events that occur after work hours. Learn about the events related to your career path and start expanding your professional network, you never know who you might meet and how they could help your career!
  • Invest in Yourself – Ongoing education and skills development is a vital investment in your career success. Learn about Metro College Diploma Programs that are related to your career, and start developing the skills and aptitudes needed to climb the corporate ladder!

Are you unsure about your career path? Contact an Admissions Advisor at Metro College, we would be glad to help you determine your career trajectory and decide on the best training program to develop the skills you need to succeed!