Financial Aid May be AVAILABLE, to those that qualify

Job Preparation

A. Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

Purpose: To identify your technical, transferable, and soft skills and choose a resume format that will better market yourself to an employer to assure an interview.
You will have the chance to book a one-on-one appointment with your instructor to critique your current resume or develop one from start.

B. Job Search Workshop

Purpose: To identify various techniques when job searching that will increase your chances to locate potential employment. Focus on Hidden Job Market: Cold Calling, Networking, and Interviews.

The Most Common Job-Hunting Mistakes

By Robert B. Nelson – The Job Hunt

Not taking action

Putting off decisions, phone calls, leads, writing, and looking; not doing anything constructive. Avoiding even thinking about doing something; making excuses, limiting yourself, erecting roadblocks to progress, complaining, and generally procrastinating.

Not reflecting enough

Not thinking about what is wanted, ideal, or possible; jumping to the search and jumping too often to the wrong job, simply because it appeared first.

Not taking advantage of all potential resources while searching

Overlooking the assistance and leads that can be found in talking with friends, parents, professors etc; not using libraries; hesitating to call people unknown to you.

Not exploiting skills and experience

Not understanding the unique values, strengths, and marketability of your past.

Not being committed to the job search.

Not making adequate time for preparing and searching; not giving it the highest priority; hoping something will turn up.

Not being positive

Not understanding the power of attitude on the process, the employer, and you.

Not anticipating and practicing for an interview

Not being able to relate your abilities to the employer’s needs; not role-playing and formulating a strategy for success.

Not following up in a professional manner

Thank you letters, even after rejections, can make a name for you in what may prove to be a small, closely knit profession.

C. Interview Workshop

Purpose: to identify the interview process before, during and after the interview. Furthermore, to understand the most common questions employers ask during an interview and the proper way to answer them.

Mock interview appointments are available to assist you in securing a rewarding and well-paying job after graduation. Videotaping is also available to further help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can land that dream job.

Special Notice

During the pandemic period, we accept applications via phone/email and instructors deliver Instruction of programs live online.