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SQL Programming

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SQL Programming Course

This SQL Programming course (SQL Programming for Data Analysis and Data Scientists) teaches the fundamentals of SQL programming and advanced information processing.

Credential College certificate

Duration 40 Hours

Location Toronto, Ontario

SQL Programming Course

Students will learn to query and modify data, create tables, enforce data integrity, and implement advanced data access techniques. Students will be equipped with skills to utilize the SQL DBMS language to understand and provide data driven solutions to a wide range of business challenges. The knowledge and skills of SQL programming is widely used in data analysis-related positions.

Topics of the SQL Programming course:

  • Introduction to Query, Expressions, Conditions and Operators
  • Functions: Modeling the Data you retrieve
  • Clauses in SQL
  • The Embedded SELECT Statement
  • Manipulating Data
  • Creating Views and Indexes
  • Controlling Transactions I
  • Controlling Transactions II
  • Using SQL to Generate SQL Statement I
  • Using SQL to Generate SQL Statement II

Who should take SQL programming course?

This course is designed for data analysts, reporting analysts, data scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, computer programmers and application developers.

Who Is The Instructor Of This Course?

Dr. Tareq Jaber is the instructor of this course. He received his PhD in computer science from Queen’s University, Belfast, UK in 2008. From Sep 2009 – Jul 2017, Dr. Jaber worked as an assistant professor in Computer Science at Al-Ahliyya Amman University and University of Jeddah, Amman, Jordan. Recently he started working in other research areas such as online business creation, big data, social networks Analysis and Web Semantic.

Since November 2017, Mr. Jaber has been a lead instructor at Metro College of Technology, Toronto – Canada, teaching data science courses for the Data Science and Application program. In recent years while teaching at Metro College he created and has been running a successful Amazon- based online store.

Please call 416 585 9880 for schedule and tuition information.

If you are interested in a career as data analyst or data scientist, please visit our Data Science and Application program.

What graduates are saying about Metro College of Technology?

Our instructors are not only qualified professionals but also industry-specific experts. Every one of our programs is designed with input from industry leaders to prepare you with the industry know-how and how to do it.