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Metro College is a registered PCC under the Private Career Colleges Act by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD). As such, MAESD requires certain student outcomes to be reported as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The three KPIs being reported are: Graduation Rate; Employment Rate; and Student Loan Default Rate. For Graduate Employment rate, graduates are contacted six (6) months after student graduation through telephone surveys conducted by Forum Research.
Below are the most recent KPIs. This represents data from 2013. As posted by the MAESD, “These reports are a summary of results from the ministry’s pilot year for calculating and publishing PCC KPIs. The ministry is using lessons learned from this first KPI collection cycle to strengthen the KPI reporting methodology. KPI data will help the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges establish measurable benchmarks for vocational programs provided in the PCC sector.”
Definition of the KPI’s reported (From MAESD)
Graduation Rate

The Graduation Rate is the percentage of an institution’s enrolled students who successfully graduated from their programs of study, or as otherwise defined in the Superintendent’s Policy Directive Number 11 (Private Career Colleges Key Performance Indicators and Performance Objectives)
Students have 200% of a program’s duration to graduate in order to be considered a graduate in the “Graduation rate” For example, for a 26 week program, students would need to graduate within 52 weeks of enrollment to be considered a graduate for this rate.

Graduate Employment Rate

The Graduate Employment Rate means the percentage of an institution’s graduates who sought employment and became employed within six (6) months following their graduation from the institution, or as otherwise determined. The labour force is defined as those employed, those not employed but looking for a job, or those not employed but who have accepted a job to start shortly. This KPI is calculated by contacting graduates employment status six-months following graduation.

Student Loan Default Rate

The OSAP Default rate is percentage of number of loan recipients in default as a percentage of the number of total loan recipients.

Small Sample and No Sample

In the event that you will see “SS” or “ND” in place of KPI rates, “SS” means “Small Sample” and is used to indicate when the sample size is less than five. These numbers are still included in the accumulative program category and institution results. “ND” means “No Data” and is used to indicate that there were no enrolled students or graduates that met the necessary criteria to be included in that calculation.

You can get the latest KPI data of Metro College by clicking the following link.

MCT KPI Data Download

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