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Co-op Services

Metro College of Technology is among the first private career colleges to establish a dedicated department of cooperative education and continues to lead the way in preparing students for real-world challenges and opportunities.  Our graduate students are ready to work, with their academic and real-world experiences, coupled with their research knowledge and business acumens.

Cooperative (co-op) education is at the forefront of our innovative academic programs and we are proud to be a leader in the field. The need for students to gain practical work experience in their respective discipline in addition to academic knowledge has long been recognized by the college for its tremendous value. As a result, the cooperative education program was instituted for all academic departments as an opportunity for students to obtain quality work experience that is directly related to their field of study. Since its inception, the cooperative education program at MCT has gained the endorsement of numerous companies, non-profit, and government agencies throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

From the perspective of the students, the co-op participating companies, and the college, the cooperative education method has proven itself exceptionally effective in bringing together future employees and employers in a way that is beneficial to all parties. The co-op method gives students practical work experience and a preview of real-world challenges they will encounter when entering the work environment.  Co-op placement has increased the employment rate of the graduates of Metro College of Technology significantly since its inception.

Co-op placement provides our students with the following benefits:

  • They will be exposed to a real work setting where they can apply their knowledge and skills  and further  refine  their capabilities  and work experience;
  • They have a great opportunity to experience the company culture and develop their communication skills in a business environment;
  • They are exposed to the potential employment opportunities from the company from which they obtain their co-op education and
  • Their supervisors of the co-op placement may provide a positive reference for future employment after they complete the co-op placement successfully. They may be referred to other employers in the same field as well.

Special Notice

During the pandemic period, we accept applications via phone/email and instructors deliver Instruction of programs live online.