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MasterCAM Course – Toronto Campus

Fundamentals of MasterCAM Course

This Fundamentals of MasterCAM course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge of CAM software – MasterCAM. It includes the creation of planar geometry, cutting tools definition, and 2-D tool paths for CNC milling machine and CNC lathe. This MasterCAM course also introduces knowledge of post process, machining and metal cutting technology, and practical toolpaths strategies to help CNC programmer make their programs more efficiently, practically and economically.


  1. MasterCAM Mill Fundamental
  • MasterCAM Environments
  • 2D geometry creation which includes
  • 2D geometry exercises and works
  • Modify and edit geometry
  • Toolpath creation
  • Operation Manager
  • Cutting tool definition and creation
  • Toolpath editing and modifying
  • Toolpath exercises and works
  1. MasterCAM Lathe Fundamental
  • Planar geometry creation
  • Modify and edit geometry
  • Toolpath creation
  • Operation Manager
  • Toolpath editing and modifying
  • Toolpath exercises and works
  • Post processing to generate NC codes


Credential: College certificate

Hours: 36.

Advanced MasterCAM Course

This course is designed to provide the advanced knowledge of CAD/CAM software – MasterCAM. It includes the creation of 3-D wireframe model, surfaces and composite surfaces model, 3-D tool paths for the three linear axes machining for CNC milling machine. This course also introduces surface editing and healing skills, and practical roughing & finishing toolpaths strategies to help CNC programmer get more advanced knowledge and skills. In adddition, students will learns the MasterCAM 4 and 5 Axis features.


  • 3-D Wireframe modeling definition Creation of a single surface
  • Surface mathematics and types
  • Surfacing methods including Ruled/Revolved/Loft/Coons/Swept/Draft
  • Create parts using surfacing strategies
  • Multiple surfaces creation
  • Derived surfaces modeling
  • Composite surface models use more than one surfacing technique to create multiple surfaces part models
  • Roughing toolpath functions
  • Surface Rough Operation
  • Parallel/Radial/Project/Flowline/Contour/Pocket/Plunge
  • Surface High Speed Operation
  • Dynamic OptiRough…/Area Rough
  •  Definition of stepover/scallop, depth of toolpath
  • Definition of drive and check surfaces
  • Cutting methods like one way, zigzag, 3-D spiral
  • Tool containment concept
  • Roughing strategy concept
  • Approach/retract, lead in/lead out strategy
  • Finishing toolpath functions
  • Surface Finish Operation
  • Parallel/Radial/Project/Flowline/Contour/Shallow/PencilLeftover/Scallop/Blend
  • Surface High Speed Operation
  • Waterline/Scallop/Horizontal Area/Raster/Pencil/Spiral/Radial/Hybrid
  • Finishing strategy concept
  • Cut parameters concept
  • Gauging definition and check
  • Toolpath editing and modifying
  • Mirror, rotate, translate toolpath
  • Copy, paste and modify toolpath and parameters


Machinist, CNC programmer, CNC setup operator,  mechanical engineer, mechanical designer, mechanical engineering technician/technologist, product developer, CNC programmer, hydraulic engineer, product engineer

Credential: College certificate

Hours: 42

Location of course delivery: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Please call 416 585 9880 for schedule and tuition information.

If you have interest in a career as a CNC Programmer, CNC Machinist or CNC Setup Operator, please visit our CNC and MasterCAM Technology program.

If you want to be more competitive in the job market, you are encouraged to take and pass a MasterCAM certification exam and get certified.

Special Notice

During the pandemic period, we accept applications via phone/email and instructors deliver Instruction of programs live online.