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Civil 3D Course – Toronto Campus

Civil 3D Course

The first part of this Civil 3D course covers the most important fundamentals of Civil 3D that a civil professional will use on a daily basis. Students will develop working knowledge and skills of the Civil 3D and perform many design tasks using civil 3D efficiently in real world scenarios.

In the second part of this Civil 3D course students learn some of very useful advanced Civil 3D features. They will also learn Civil 3D’s interactive and dynamic design functionality. Most importantly they will be required to complete a Civil 3D project that will develop their skills as a competent designer/engineer using Civil 3D.


Part I Fundamentals of Civil 3D

  • Introduction and Overview Of Civil 3d
  • Importing Survey Points
  • Working with Points
  • Creating Surfaces
  • Creating Alignments
  • Creating Profile
  • Creating Cross-Sections
  • Creating Drainage System Pipes
  • Creating Ponds and Lagoons
  • Volume Calculation
  • Creating Templates

 Part II Advanced Civil 3D with Mini Project

  • Preparing Data
  • Existing Utilities
  • Cross-Sections and Intersections
  • Styles and Templates
  • Project Phase I- Introduction to the Project
  • Project Phase II – Existing Utilities
  • Project Phase III – Changing Styles
  • Project Phase IV – Corridors and Intersections
  • Project Phase V – Drainage System and Estimating
  • Project Phase VI– Completion Of Project And Presentation


Civil Engineer, civil engineering technician/technologist,  road and highway design engineer,  geotechnical engineer,  land development design engineer,  transportation engineer, land surveyor, municipal engineer, railway design engineer, pipe design engineer,  civil estimator, water resource engineer

Credential: College certificate.

Hours: 60.

Location of course delivery: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Please call 416 585 9880 for schedule and tuition information.

If you have interest in a career in civil engineering/structural engineering or updating your software skills systematically, please visit our Civil Engineering Design and Technology or Structural Engineering Design and Technology program.

If you intend to get certified as a Civil 3D Specialist, please visit the AUTODESK CERTIFICATION website.

Special Notice

During the pandemic period, we accept applications via phone/email and instructors deliver Instruction of programs live online.