CNC & MasterCAM Technology Course in Toronto

CNC technology is widely used to manufacture metal, wooden and plastic parts. It is on its way to completely replacing the traditional method of manufacturing. The CNC and MasterCAM Technology course at Metro College of Technology focuses on training students to do CNC programming manually and using MasterCAM.


Students will be exposed to a production environment via co-op placement so that they have opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop their working skills and experiences. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be conferred a college diploma and capable of functioning as a CNC operator, CNC programmer and related positions.

Modules of the CNC & MasterCAM Technology Course:

  • ANSI – ISO Standard Blueprint Reading and AutoCAD 2D
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Parametric Design with SolidWorks
  • CAD Design Project
  • Metrology
  • CNC Lathe and Mill Programming
  • MasterCAM I – Fundamentals
  • MasterCAM II – Advanced
  • Career Development
  • CNC Operation Practicum (optional)
  • CNC Set up Practicum (optional)

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic computer skills
  • Passing an entrance test
  • Passing an admission interview

Note: Meeting the above admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Career Opportunities upon Graduation

Upon successful completion of the CNC & MasterCAM Technology Course, a graduate will be competent in the following positions:

  • CAD Technician
  • CNC Programmer
  • CNC Operator
  • CNC Setup Operator
  • Machinist
  • And more!

Financial Assistance at Metro College of Technology

Canadian or landed immigrant students enrolled in the CNC and MasterCAM Technology course at Metro College of Technology may be eligible for financial assistance.


Ontario second career and student financial assistance services may be available to those who are qualified and in search of a college accounting diploma. In addition, the Toronto Metro College of Technology offers tuition installment payment plans to help students manage their tuition payments.

Testimonials from our CNC & MasterCAM Technology Course Graduates:

“Taking the CNC and MasterCAM course at Metro College really helped me boost my knowledge and skills in this field. It was the smartest career move I’ve ever made.”
CNC Programmer Samuel Anderson,

“Metro College really prepared me for the challenges I faced in the job market while searching for a technical position. Thank you to all my mentors at Metro College Toronto for guiding me!”
MachinistDarcy Santos,

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