Paralegal Classes start November 13, 2017

ParalegalParalegal Classes start November 13, 2017


Success in the field depends largely on education, training and personal drive. The Metro College Paralegal Program provides students with the tools needed to succeed.


Ontario Paralegal Training includes:

  • Legal Education: Covering all the areas of authorized practice including Criminal Summary Conviction , Employment Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, Provincial Offences/Motor Vehicle Offences, Residential Landlord Tenant Law, Small Claims Court Torts, and more!
  • Legal Practice and Procedures: Providing regulations and guidelines on the real-world practice of law, based on Administrative Law and the principles of procedural fairness, evidence and the litigation process, ethics and professional responsibility
  • Advocacy: Emphasising the oral and written communication skills that are necessary to successfully advocate on behalf of a client. Of particular importance are interviewing skills, the ability to accurately communicate case facts, and participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Practice Management: Covering the various aspects of managing a paralegal practice including accounting, computer applications, legal research, and drafting.


Regulated in the Province of Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada, the paralegal profession has boomed in recent years and Metro College of Technology is one of few authorized paralegal training colleges in Ontario!


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