Metro College Now Offers a Physiotherapy Assistant Program in Toronto!

PhysiotheraphyMetro College has added another course– Physiotherapy Assistant Training, preparing healthcare students to be skillful in providing high quality, client-centered care for clients with physical and emotional problems, under the supervision of a physiotherapist.


Students in the Physiotherapy Assistant Program will receive in-depth knowledge in anatomy and physiology, the interrelationships between human body systems, kinesiology and psychology!


Students will also learn how to deal with clients of different functional abilities, as well as understand basic medical conditions, disorders and associated side effects. Professional communication, computer skills, and medical terminology are stressed throughout the program, ensuring students are well prepared to perform a multitude of job duties.


Physiotherapy Assistant Program – Clinical Placement:

Students will have the unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop their skills during a clinical placement that takes place in a variety of healthcare facilities. Students can gain hands-on practical experience in an area of interest such as rehabilitation centers, medical clinics or fitness centers.


Upon completion of the Physiotherapy Assistant Program, graduates will have developed practical skills including:

  • physiotherapy program planning and implementing,
  • conducting individual and group exercises,
  • evaluating feedback,
  • using and maintaining equipment, and
  • preventing infectious diseases.

Graduates are competent Physiotherapy Assistants, and able to find employment in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, medical clinics, retirement/nursing homes, sports centers, and fitness centers.


Contact Metro College Today! An Admissions Advisor would be glad to tell you more about the Physiotherapy Assistant Program, and help you get started on your new career!


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