Career Profile: Licensed Paralegals

ParalegalsParalegals in Ontario are regulated professionals, licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada and authorized to legal advice and consultation in specific areas of law.


The paralegal field is diverse and paralegal training can lead to a wide range of career options outside of paralegal work.


Career prospects for Paralegals can include:

  • Courtroom or Tribunal Paralegals represent the best interests of their clients in legal maters such as Small Claims Court, the Landlord and Tenant Board, Immigration and Refugee Board or even the Ontario Court of Justice to name a few.
  • Mediators help find an equitable balance between the needs and wants of two parties in disagreement. The goal of a mediator is to help the parties come to an agreement that is mutual and fair to both parties.
  • Prosecutors represent the Queen in legal proceedings. Paralegals can become prosecuters in certain courts such as the Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Commissioners for Taking Affidavits take sworn statements (affidavits) from individals and administer other legal oaths, affirmations, or declarations.
  • Court Clerks provide support to courtrooms and might perform pre-court work with parties, administer oats, revording exhibits presented during a proceeding, and ensuring that courtoom protocol is always maintained
  • Legal Assistants provide support to lawyers in a particular field of law and might conduct legal research, draft memos, assist with witness interviews, and provide administrative support.
  • Legal Librarians are highly skilled at reasearching legislation and case law, as well as finding resources that will help clarify a legal issue.
  • Legal Transcriptionists records the details of legal proceedings (usually from recordings) and draft legal documents.

Paralegal training and a thorough understanding of administrative law, procedural fairness and legal rights can lead to a wide range of career options.


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