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Metro College of Technology provides cost-effective and result-oriented corporate training solutions. An intensive training course will teach you the core software skills that make them excel in their performance. You will learn the cutting-edge skills on the expensive software you have invested in and you will be empowered with the most efficient tool to deliver optimal results you expect.


Modules of Metro College Corporate Training


Frequently Ask Questions

On-site Training


We can provide customized training to meet your specific requirements based on the need analysis conducted by our instructors. The need analysis is free and there is a no obligation quote. You choose and decide the training day that is convenient to you and your employees.


Instructor Profiles


Our instructors are very proficient in the software courses and the knowledge-based courses listed in this brochure. They have both excellent teaching and industry experience with a tremendous depth of knowledge and skills in their respective professional areas. The software they teach is the exact software they use on a daily basis and the theoretical course is part of their professional practice. They have many years of professional practice in their fields. For a detailed profile for each of the instructors, please return to our home page and click at About→ Faculty Members tab.

Completion of Training


Metro College of Technology will provide you with a Certificate of Course Completion as your record of continuing education.

Companies that received corporate training from Metro College of Technology


  • Unified
  • Artistic Like Studio
  • WAM Industries Ltd

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