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Civil Engineering

The following are the biographies of Civil Engineering Faculty.

Ziauddin Mohammad, B.Eng.

Civil Engineering Instructor

Mr. Mohammad has more than 10 years of experience in infrastructure and civil engineering projects. He has worked extensively on road design and construction projects, two-story, and multi-story residential buildings. During his career in civil engineering, he has been actively engaged in project management and supervision, engineering analysis, and project estimation. He has been teaching at Metro College since 2007 and is very popular with and well respected by the students as a knowledgeable and approachable instructor.

Jawdat Tashan, Ph.D.

Structural Engineering Instructor

Dr. Jawdat Tashan completed his Ph.D. at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. He is now an Associate Professor of structural engineering in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Metro College of Technology.

Dr. Tashan worked as a lecturer at Monash University from 2010 to 2011. He held teaching and research positions at Monash University and Swinburne University of Technology. His research interests lie in the area of structural strength assessment and retrofitting using advanced composite materials, his studies ranging from theory to design to implementation. In recent years, he has focused on designing non-destructive testing techniques (using the state-of-art infrared devices) for evaluating and assessing concrete and steel structures that have been strengthened with fiber-reinforced polymer systems. Dr. Tashan published many technical papers in international journals and conferences.

Dr. Tashan has vast experience in engineering construction, consultation, and design. He has served as project manager for more than 40 projects. He was responsible for policies, programs, and technical expertise in the execution of over CA$2 billion of design and construction programs. He has received numerous performance awards during his academic and professional career.

Ahsanuddin Ahmed, B.Eng., P. Eng.

Structural Design Project Instructor

Mr. Ahmed, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, worked as a design engineer at a construction consulting company for more than 20 years. His students discover that his structural design experience used in teaching is practical and enjoyable. Specifically, he is adept at using STAAD Pro. Ahmed is a teacher who wants and can help his students achieve true success in their future career.

Mujeeb Musavi, M. Eng.

InRoads and Road Design Project Instructor

Mr. Musavi has worked with reputable national and multinational organizations for the last 15 years as a Project Engineer and Senior Highway & Road Designer. His experience in planning, designing, inspection, and management of projects as well as excellent knowledge of AutoCAD, Land Development Desktop, MicroStation, and InRoads makes him a resourceful instructor.  Mr. Mujeeb enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise with Metro College students and believes that his students will be able to obtain new opportunities in the industry after finishing their program.

Rita Shamon, B.Sc.

CAD Instructor

Ms. Shamon is an experienced instructor with solid knowledge and over 10 years of experience in AutoCAD, MicroStation, and other CAD software. She has worked as a CAD designer and has experience in interior design projects, preparing working drawings, and specifications for interior construction. She has years of experience instructing AutoCAD, MicroStation, Autodesk Inventor for Mechanical, Civil, and Architectural students. She is an advanced user of all different versions of AutoCAD, MicroStation, and other CAD applications. Her students consider her very knowledgeable and helpful and say that she can easily answer any question they have and it takes her just minutes to explain the most difficult topic.

Eugene Tsarev, Ph.D.

Revit Architecture Instructor

Dr. Tsarev is an architectural specialist with over 15 years’ experience in architecture and teaching. He has been working in architectural design and architectural science and has publications in professional journals.

He has worked as an architectural technologist, architect and designer in various industries with BIM experience for many years. Now, as a consultant, he helps a Toronto-based company implement Revit in architectural practices.

In his lectures, he gives Revit examples from real projects, and his students value that he uses an individualized approach to every student, taking into account their professional backgrounds and personalities. Amongst his students, there are architectural designers, structural engineers, civil engineers, interior designers and others.

His students say that he is knowledgeable, skillful, helpful and friendly and has a good sense of humor.

He believes that both the students and the instructor play an important role in solving a real problem by means of a powerful computer software program.

Sean Nix, M.Sc.

Transportation and Traffic Engineering Instructor

Mr. Sean Nix holds a Master degree in Transportation and Traffic engineering. He has many years of successful experience as a designer in the same industry and many years of teaching experience as a professor in a public college in Ontario. Mr. Nix is teaching the transportation and Traffic Engineering theory and software at Metro College of Technology on a part-time basis.

Elvana Gjerga, B.Sc.

GIS instructor

Ms. Gjerga has extensive experience of approximately 20 years in the GIS area.
Originally, a Geography graduate, Ms. Gjerga has been strongly involved in national and international GIS project management. Ms. Gjerga has been teaching as a part-time instructor at Metro College of Technology since 2006. For the past 10 year Ms. Gjerga has been working as a full-time GIS professional for the local Government of Ontario. She is knowledgeable, professional and popular with her students.

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